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    Nottinghill & Holland Park
    1st October 2015

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    Zana's book launched today
    15th January 2015

    The High fat diet

    Zana Morris founder of The Library 
    Co Author with Health Journalist Helen Foster.
    The new book was launched today and has already sold 20,000 copies

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    The Saturday Times
    3rd January 2015

    Times Weekend

    Zana Morris founder of The Library 
    We were so excited with the Saturday Times Serial run over 2 weeks on how to lose fat and get toned through eating fat and 12 minute high intensity training sessions.  From a pretox, a 10 day blitz through to the 10 steps for keeping slim for life,  their readers only miss one thing, the personal tailored touch.

    Make sure you book in for a catch-up so we can ensure you achieve all your health & fitness goals not just for January, but all of 2015!

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    Harpers Bazaar - Jan
    January 2015
    Victoria Hall reports:
    Each year I join a gym and thrive off new-found energy, but by February my enthusiasm and intensity wane. In a bid to break this cycle and improve my fitness, I signed up The Library gym, a private members' studio in west London, which specailises in high-intensity weight training. The emphasis is on burning fat and building lean muscle with a quick 15-minute workout, three times a week. 
    Weight training is the fastest way to increase strength and stamina: in three weeks my arms and stomach are more toned and I can run for longer. But the biggest change is the increase in my energy, especially in the mornings.

  • cornermag.com - editorial - January February.jpg
    Corner Magazine
    12th January 2015
    The world according to Poppy Cross 
    Notting Hill- based Blogger, Poppy Cross, is prennially in rude health. She shares her local secrets so that you can ape her hale and hearty ways - for January at least.

  • Acroyoga
    19th December 2014
    Anna plays at Pearlfisher's ball pool
    Amazing display of Acroyoga by Anna Karides  
    Please come and workout too..
    Visit Pearlfisher during January to experience their charity Right to Play ball pool art installation supported by The Library 

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    London lifestyle awards
    7th October 2014
    simply We Won!
    We are over whelmed and thrilled to annouce we won the London Lifestyle Awards category for Facility of the Year!
    A massive Thank you to all our brilliant insightful clients who are the most important aspect to what we are doing with our programmes and the results that you getting with us.

  • Channel 4 News- Editorial- 21st August.jpg
    Channel 4 News
    3rd September 2014
    The Library featured on the news
    Channel 4 News today spent 15 minutes reporting on a new book launched by Nina Teloiche on Fat in our diet. 'A Big Fat Surprise' The Library was featured as the philosophy behind all Zana's gyms is based upon this science..

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    Library Leaves - Gold Award
    20th September 2014
    Gold   Pentawards winner
    The Library Leaves new range of teas has won a Gold award with highly acclaimed Pentawards for design in the Tea and beverage category
    Zana Morris, a nutritionist has developed a blend of highly beneficial teas with the end benefit in mind.
    The Tea Caddy's use recycled wine bottles, and support a community in Malawi who make the lids by lathing the local wood with their feet. True craftsmen! The Caddy's are limited and the teas have refil packs to support this innitiative.
    Tea's Trainer for energy 
    Tea Tox for a cleanse
    Thyme Out for chilled moments
    Sweet Treat for those that want a finishing taste but not the calories.
    These will be available in The Library from next weekk

  • redonline.co.uk- Editorial- 3rd September.jpg
    Red online
    3rd September 2014
    by Kate Spicer
    My high fat diet experiment
    I ate a high-fat, medium-protein and low-carb diet for eight days. Fruit was out, Boursin, butter and double cream were in. Watermelon was a sin, a steak with an inch of juicy fat was saintly. 

    Zana Morris, a nutritionist and a personal trainer, puts clients at her high-end The Library gyms on high-fat diets. She also put me on a high-intensity 20-minutes-a-day exercise regime. And every day she asked me, ‘Now, are you eating enough fat?’
    Morris thinks the high-fat diet is a good choice, not just for eight days, but for a lifetime. But only if you’re prepared to cut right back on carbs. I discovered this myself. In eight days, I lost an inch and a half off my waist and four pounds, while gaining the astonishing desire to bounce out of bed at 6am and never being hungry. Although I desperately missed a crisp apple or a frosty glass of white. 

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    Porter - cover - Fall 14.JPG
    Porter Editors letter
    August 2014
    Letter from Lucy Yeomans
    One of Lucy's rentrée beauty resolutions of fitting in 15 minutes of 'exercise that matters' every morning at The Library gym.

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    Style- Cover- 17th August.jpg
    Style Magazine
    17th August 2014
    20 ways to get fit…
    The library gym by Kate Spicer
    the science behind the gym; high intensity training (Hit)
    mentions The Library Gym 'works'
    Kate Spicer has regained her body, optimism and delicious new ability to bounce from bed at 6:30am

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    The Times - cover - 9th August.jpg
    |The Times Weekender
    11th August 2014
    Operation Beach Body: A Flat Stomach in Seven Days…
    Zana Morris gives a full introduction on the daily workout, diet plan and weight loss .
    Nine rules to follow to help you achieve the perfect beach body.

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    The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible - cover - 2014.JPG
    The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible
    July 2014
    Whether it's the season for swimsuits or teh season for LBD's many women we know fret about how to get a flat(ter) tummy.
    Zana fitness expert suggests a routine to encourage in a few spare minutes for each day either at home or in the gym.

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    London Evening Standard- Editorial 1- 23rd July.jpg
    London Life
    June 2014
    London Life: Wake up and work out.here are physical advantages to a morning workout. High intensity training naturally kick-starts the growth hormones and triggers a fat-burning drive that stokes the metabolism for at least two hours. 25-65 year olds love the 15 minute regimes as they are juggling kids, careers and businesses

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    Getthegloss.com - Editorial- 4th June.jpg
    Get The Gloss
    June 2014
    Zana Morris
    featured products to help boost fitness tone and muscle suggests Strong Nutrients Creatine as a training supplement to her 15 minute workout. thelibrary.com

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    Country & Town House- Editorial- August copy.jpg
    Country & Town House
    August 2014
    Zana Morris
    The genius of Zana's Library Gym is simple: she has devised a killer 15-minute workout grounded in good, simple science for time-poor Londoners in cool, calm environment that is the antithesis of a noisy, over stimulating gym-cave. We love. thelibrary.com

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    Top Sante- Title- August.jpg
    Top Sante
    August 2014
    Get some Culture-Cise 
    If books are your thing, visit The Library in London (thelibrarygym.com) where, in its sleek fitness studio, you'll find shelves full of novels to cool down with. 

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    thetimes.co.uk- Editorial- July 5th .jpg
    The Times.co.uk
    July 5th 2014
    Are you a midlife fittie?
    The career women who train like athletes
    Hardcore fitness sessions and extreme sports events are attracting more and more high-flying women.
    Juggling a demanding jobe with a social life and family commitments would once have been the definition of a "superwomen". If you managed to squeeze all of that into your day and you'd be forgiven for relaxing, feet up, with a glass of wine when you get home. Now though, there is another requirement for high-flying women who want to have it all: they must display levels of super-fitness that would rival those of an Olympian

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    The Times Weekend- Title- July 5th.jpg
    The Times Weekend
    July 5th 2014
    Go hard or go home
    There's a new breed of fitness fanatic: she has a high-powered job, a family and manages to fit extreme workouts into her life.
    Zana Morris founder of The Library gym says there are many psychological factors behind the push to push yourself.
    "There's no question that more high-powered woman in their thirties to early fifties feel they need to be fitter, healthier and stronger than their mothers were at the same age" Morris says "In their twenties women take it for granted that they can meet these phsyical challenges so it's partly a mental thing that they are proving to themselves that they can still do it as they get older. They are defying the popular view of ageing by propelling themselves over a very impressive bar"
    Read More

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    vogue.com- Editorial3- 23rd June.jpg
    23rd June 2014
    The Library
    Attendance in this exclusive gym in Notting Hill is capped at four at a time to allow everyone to work their way around a central column of weights.
    The strength training lasts no more than 15 minutes, but can followed by a less-frantic yoga or Pilates session or an hour in the well stocked reading room.
    Read more

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    The Guardian
    31st May 2014
    Suzanne Moore: 'I've joined the gym!'

    We are fat and getting fatter. Speak for yourself, you might say. Don't worry, I am. It's obviously not my fault. It's boredom, it's working at home, it's the deliciousness of crisps, it's hormones, it's a culture of grazing. It's part of my "enormous appetite for life" that sounds marvellous, but doesn't conjure the reality: guzzling my daughter's cold leftovers, celebrating the end of the day with the popping of a cork. Before you call me a champagne socialist, it's cava. Comrade.

    But my clothes were tight, and I had aches and pains. I am the average middle-aged woman. There are regular warnings about our bulk.Headlines scream that the UK has the fattest girls in Europe. Female flesh is always up for grabs, the having of it and the losing of it are considered are newsworthy spectacles. The unhealthy obsession is pitiful. If the camera puts on 10lbs, many of those pictured on the red carpet at Cannes look close to hospitalisation.

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    Tatler- Editorial- Julyintro .jpg
    Tatler 2014 Gym Awards
    28th May 2014
    The Library has won two Tatler Gym Awards 2014!

    The Library is listed as the winner of ‘ Best for... A Quick Fix’

    Zana Morris is listed as the winner of  ‘ Best for... Rehab

    Out of the 12 award categories The Library and Zana Morris have been recognised for the quality and result driven 'results' they acheive for their clients. Long may they continue to fight fro the battle of the fittest and healthiest.

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    get the glossx.jpg
    Get the Gloss
    30th May 2014
    Confused about protein? We clear up the misconceptions about this lean body essential.

    Chances are that if you were to tell a woman to eat more protein, she’d probably look at you in horror. With a reputation for making you bulk up rather than slim down, could this under-rated dietary component be more essential in our quest for a bikini body than we think? In a nutshell the answer is, yes.

    Adding more protein is one of the best adjustments that we can make to our diets to achieve a longer and leaner body. When used in the right way it can ensure we get the most out of our workouts, allow us to burn fat more efficiently and build the right type of muscle to both look and feel better in the long run.


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    Huffingtonpost.co.uk- Editorial- 2nd May .jpg
    Huffington Post
    2nd May 2014
    Tried and Tested: How this 15-minute workout blitzed my body fat.

    I have a confession to make. I've spent the last month struggling to stay healthy. I've fallen off the wagon, if you will. Blame it on birthdays and Easter, but I've consumed too much wine and too much chocolate.

    Funny thing is, I've lost 4.5lbs of fat, gained 3.5lbs of muscle which equates to 3.3% of body fat disappearing from my frame.

    How? I worked out for 15 minutes, 16 times over the last month.

    I feel like a cheat. A happy, fit cheat.

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 20.26.13.png
    Well and Good
    7th May 2014
    The Library Gym
    It’s a weights-and-pulleys workout and neighborhood favorite that locals pop in and do for just 15 minutes a day. Day one might be chest and back, legs the next, and arms and shoulders on day three. "It’s lightning fast, needs no brain power," says a regular, and its metabolism-boosting method produces a toned, she-looks-after-herself bod. Founder Zana Morris has grown to three locations now, the buzziest being The Library in Notting Hill, and two Little Libraries. But all practice the signature circuit-style method, where everyone is working their way around the central column of weights, and attendance is capped at four fitness fanatics at a time.

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    get the gloss - editorial- 7th May.JPG
    Get the gloss
    7th May 2014
    Four toning exercises you can do at your desk -  Sitting at a desk all day can make it hard to keep up your fitness levels. Here are four desk exercises from expert Nutritionist and The Library Gym owner Zana Morris that you can slot into your 9 to 5 routine.
    1. Glueal exercise
    2. Retraction yoga variation while seated
    3. Stretching exercise
    4. Work out your abs

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    plane star.jpg
    1st May 2014
    The rise of Boutique fitness -  The latest trend in fitness comes from cool, specialised centres where intimate, targeted classes get results and your a name not a number.
    Remember the Big Fitness boom in the 80? High energy workouts and banks of exercise bikes were de rigeuer, and set the tone for the next two decades. Now despite a gym on every corner we are fatter than ever and the number of people with obesity has trebled in the last 25 years. A Which? study has found that we squander £500 a year on unused memberships. And with factory-style gym chains who's to check if we don't turn up?
    Library gym in London, with interiors to rival private members retreat Babington House, if they have'nt seen you for a few days. the manager calls you to check you're OK

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    about time - editorial cover.jpg
    About time
    1st May 2014
    The Library in Notting Hill is a haven of tranquilty -  Nestled between the busy streeet of Portobello Road and Ladbroke Greove is a white washed converted synagogue turned gym, complete with beautifully simple stained glass windows, that looks like it's been plucked out of a greek island postcard. I'm telling you , you enter the building and a feeling of zen engulfs you. The interior is cleanly old school with beautifully bound books and a delightfully high ceiling. But this is no ordinary Library. This is a private members library which is actually a gym; a private members library where you're not reading. you're training.

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    Spirit & Destiny - Title - May.jpg
    Spirit & Destiny
    May 2014
    I ate rice once last year.
    Zana Morris is a nutritionist and owner of London's The Library Gym. Her 12-day high-protein and high-fat diet plan is famed for its fast weight loss and long-lasting results. 

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    You Magazine
    You Magazine Online.
    16th March 2014
    The superfood superstars: 'I eat when I'm hungry and never deprive myself. Salad is my fast food'
    The regime The 12-day plan is low-carb with good fats (avocados, olive oils, nuts, peanut butter) combined with meat, fish and vegetables. Zana herself tends to eat ‘a late breakfast around 10am and an evening meal. I’ll eat fish and salads or poached eggs on toast. I’ll have porridge twice a week, but not every day because of the carbohydrate content. Other days I’ll have yoghurt and nuts,’ she says. ‘I’ll eat when I’m hungry and I will never deprive myself.

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    You - Title - 16th March.jpg
    You magazine.
    16th March 2014
    The superfood superstars: They’re ultra-glamorous, adored by the A-list and (naturally) have enviably glowing skin – meet the new healthy eating experts who are transforming our diets. Zana, 39, has her mother to thank for her passion for food and fitness. ‘I was one of five, and she said mine was such a difficult birth that she got into nutrition afterwards to recover,’ she says. Her own baby is The Library, a chain of gyms focusing on a 12-day low-glycaemic nutritional plan combined with 15-minute daily high-intensity interval training. ‘Muscles are worked to the point of exhaustion, releasing growth hormone. This targets belly fat and stabilises insulin, as well as helping to replenish protein throughout your body, which is essential for muscle tone, bone density and even the collagen in your skin,’ says Zana. Lightbulb moment ‘At university I followed very low-fat, low-protein eating plans – grains, vegetables and fruit – but would find myself bingeing once or twice a week. I could eat almost a whole box of muesli in one go! When I learned about high-fat nutritional plans, my hunger pangs disappeared and my energy improved. Now I keep carbs to a minimum and eat good fats such as avocados and nuts.’

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    Cotswold Style - Editorial 1 - 10th March copy.jpg
    Cotswold Style.
    10th March 2014
    Get Fit: Visit The Library (no really)
    We all know the Cotwolds is a great place to do business, but it's also a great escape from the hectic London lifestyle and a perfect base for those balancing a city job alongside a family. If you fall into this category, travelling weekly or even several times per week to the capital can cause havoc with your exercise and nutrition regime. There is also the small matter of how fit in a workout when half of your day is spent in meetings and the other half on a crowded train.
    You'll be delighted to know that our resident Health and Fitness Expert, Lucy Denver has not one but two options for you, so now you have no excused to skip out on your workout!

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    Fitpro - Title - March 2.jpg
    Fitpro article
    2nd March 2014
    Think outside the box
    article refers to the boutique qualities of the gym which is housed in an old synagogue- Zana Morris describes the gym as more of a ‘members club than a traditional gym’, a space she created for members to treat like their home- Zana Morris also describes the location of The Library Gym as an integral part to its success describing the space and demographic of Notting Hill as perfect

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    Express - Editorial 2 - 25th Feb.jpg
    Daily Express.
    25th February 2014
    Helen Fospero: TV presenter: Eating fat helped me lose my mummy tummy.
    Slim and Toned TV presenter Helen Fospero is as famous for her long shapely lest as she is for the stints on the Day Break sofa, yet just a few years ago she was feeling overweight and despairing at a stubborn paunch that she just couldn't shift. 
    At 9 stone 10lbs, almost a stone over her normal weight, the crunch finally came when a colleague mistook her for being pregnant - 18 months after giving birth to her second child Jack.

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    Porter - Title - Spring.jpg
    Porter. (new Net-a-Porter magazine)
    7th February 2014
    The beauty of doing short durations of high intensity is that you increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours after each session, says Zana Morris, whose new gym in London's Notting Hill. the Library, focuses on regular 15-minute workouts. There is also evidence that working out too much can be counter productive. Beyond 45 minutes you start burning into more muscle than your body can recover, says Morris...

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    The Kensington Magazine - Title - Feb.jpg
    The Kensington Magazine
    4th February 2014
    The Library is an intelligent, high intensity, 15 minute gym space set in the heart of Notting Hill. Zana Morris, nutritionist and yoga teacher, created this unique public space for intelligent thinking and wellbeing with a welcoming, exclusive environment for members to train, be advised on  nutrition, relax, enjoy complimentary talks and lectures or attend classes with globally renowned wellbeing experts.’

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    GQ - Title - 24th Jan_edited.jpg
    GQ.co.uk Saving Face...in 15 minutes
    24th January 2014
    The Library gym and states that the diet is ‘high-protein and high-fat with the aim to reduce insulin, which suppresses the body’s natural growth hormone. In addition to the diet,  Morris uses a HI concept to re-sculpt your body in single 15-minute sessions in less than two weeks.’  

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    Busuiness O Feminin - Editorial - 21st Jan.jpg
    21st january 2014
    GYM: The Book of places
    The Library under best global fitness spots referring to the collection of gyms as the ‘most chic and trendy in France and international sporting addresses.
    set in a former synagogue, the gym offers a 15-minute workout per day plus yoga program, pilates and boxing.

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    Get the Gloss - The Library gym, Strong Nutrients and Zana Morris
    17th january 2014

    In May 2013 Zana launched The Library, a private members training club housed in a tranquil former Notting Hill synagogue.



    The ‘author’ (read: founder, brains and brawn) of the exclusive, members club style group of London-based Library gyms, Zana, approaches fitness, business and life in general with wit and wisdom. Highly qualified in nutrition, personal training and yoga, Zana has been a wellbeing powerhouse from the get-go, having grown up in a health-conscious Irish household and cut her teeth working in a forward-thinking Galway health store. It wasn’t long before she left the Emerald Isle to expand her training and horizons in the U.S, and thankfully for us she brought her cutting-edge coaching skills and science-based nutritional know-how to our shores some time later, establishing her first gym on London’s Harley Street.


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    How to spend it FT.com - Spa Junkie at The Library
    14th january 2014

    Our covert reporter heads to a new 'intelligent' gym that swaps bootcamps for book clubs in

    the quest for the body beautiful.



    Just as the private members’ club has evolved from a rarefied establishment reserved for gentlemen in tweeds into a hip hangout  à la Soho House, fitness training has been undergoing an overhaul. Gyms such as KX, Bodyism at The Bulgari, Matt Roberts for Grace Belgravia and now The Library in Notting Hill are all challenging the idea of what it means to work out by injecting it with some serious style.

    The Library is a self-proclaimed “intelligent gym”. The founder is dubbed “the author”, the trainers are known as “scholars” and in addition to weights you'll find shelves of novels and billiards tables…


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    Mail Online - Antonia Hoyle.jpg
    dailymail.co.uk -From flab to abs...the 3 minute muffin top blaster
    11th january 2014

    Our covert reporter heads to a new 'intelligent' gym that swaps bootcamps for book clubs in

    the quest for the body beautiful.



    Just as the private members’ club has evolved from a rarefied establishment reserved for gentlemen in tweeds into a hip hangout  à la Soho House, fitness training has been undergoing an overhaul. Gyms such as KX, Bodyism at The Bulgari, Matt Roberts for Grace Belgravia and now The Library in Notting Hill are all challenging the idea of what it means to work out by injecting it with some serious style.

    The Library is a self-proclaimed “intelligent gym”. The founder is dubbed “the author”, the trainers are known as “scholars” and in addition to weights you'll find shelves of novels and billiards tables…


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    orange lips.jpg
    2014 Beauty Trends - Alice Hart Davis
    8th january 2014

    Orange lips:   These were everywhere on the catwalks, and will be all over us all by summer. Start with a gloss if the mere thought of orange makes you feel all shy and work your way up to a full-on, densely pigmented matte number… you might just come to love the fresh look and the way it brightens the complexion.


    Exercise – think small…   or find a smaller gym: the latest ones are small, discreet and luxurious, like the Library (theLibraryGym.com in Notting Hill) 


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    Beauty & the dirt
    6th january 2014

    The moment came when I was at a party. I met a doctor, Dr Aseem Malhotra. He is a passionate man and he talks about changing the world one sugary drink at a time with the same kind of zeal and charisma that I’ve only ever seen once before.  He told me that Alzheimer’s should be renamed Type 3 Diabetes because a huge percentage of adults with Type 2 Diabetes go on to develop Alzheimer’s – an inflammation of the brain whereas Type 2 is an inflammation of the body. It was the moment that shocked me. I am afraid of manyy things, none more than Alzheimer’s.  Dr Malhotra, a cardiologist in the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, told me that when he wrote about his findings that a high fat high protein low sugar diet promotes not just weight loss but is anti-diabetes, I knew that the very next day I should head to personal training guru Zana Morris at The Little Library in Harley Street – a branch of The Library in Notting Hill.  It’s not just a very elegant gym, it’s the place to deliver what it promises. As I have been a disciple of the programme before I knew it worked.  The very specific diet is high fat, protein and no sugar. It helps keep your insulin steady and helps the body to burn more fat.  The Little Library system shows an average fat loss of 7.5 lbs and muscle gain of 3 lbs in just 12 days training. This all may sound too good to be true. It is true; the programme is just really hard.

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    The Mail on Sunday - Title - 5th Jan 2.jpg
    The Mail on Sunday - I'm back in my pre-baby skinny jeans by Antonia Hoyle
    5th January

    Antonia Hoyle spent 12 days with Zana Morris to enjoy 15 minute sessions each day to get back into her pre-baby jeans. She highlighted the different exercises that Zana took her through each day, along with a specific nutritional plan for her. Fantastic results and a very happy mother.

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    Stella - Title - 5th Jan_edited.jpg
    Stella - How to get fit in 2014 A-Z
    5th January 2014

    Zana comments on the benefits of Nordic exercise routine. How the muscle groups function specifically the Abs to hold posture and balance.

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    Hip & Healthy
    28th December 2013

    Best for Power. Get down to the Library, a new private members training club in the exclusive Notting Hill area for unlimited personal training, tailored nutrition and outstanding results.  This stunning training club is based on so much more than laborious hours spent pounding the treadmill and clocking up multiples reps.  Instead this edgy new workout space is based on an educated, intelligent approach to exercise.  The Library’s results-focused system consisting of short 15 minute bursts of high intensity exercise shows an average fat loss of 7.5lbs and 3lbs muscle gain in 12 days!! The Library is founded by Zana Morris who has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of personal training, nutrition and yoga.  Morris has created a space where you can workout and relax.  What’s so great about the library is that Zana realises that due to our busy lives, many of us struggle to find time to work out, especially for long periods at a time. Her extensive experience has proven that short intensive training is in fact a lot more beneficial than excessive long periods of exercise.  So much so that it accelerates fat burn, raises metabolism and improves muscle tissue.  Zana’s infectious approach will turn you from fitness phobe to fitness funster in no time – 12 days in fact!  The Library   http://www.thelibrarygym.com/

    Read More

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    18th December 2013

    N otting Hill’s Helen Fospero is very much a modern mum. A familiar face on daytime television, Helen is best known for her work on Daybreak and Lorraine, where she has interviewed all manner of inspirational figures since GMTV snapped her up back in 1997. These days, Helen splits her time between presenting, writing and looking after her two young children, while also keeping fit with the help of Zana Morris, the expert behind The Library on Kensington Park Road.

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    The Grove resident - Title - Jan 2014.jpg
    The Grove Resident
    17th December 2013

    The Library and Strong Nutrients

    Article written by Mary-Jane Wiltshire states 'its hard not to fall for the Library'

    The library with its deep sofas, velvet armchairs and plush carpets, its a place to take time out as well as work out.

    Forget treadmill and shouty spinning classes, here you'll find maximun results in minimal times.'

    Also refers to Strong Nutrients, 'The Librarys's founder fitness and nutrition expert Zana Morris has formulated a range of supplements to complement the JIIT workouts - named Strong -  that provide the building blocks the body needs to recreate more muscle.'

    Referring to 12-day programme of daily 15 minute exercise sessions.

    librarygym.com 206-208 Kensington Park Road, W11 1NR

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    GQ - Title - Jan 2014.jpg
    1st December 2013

    Saving face in 15 minutes

    Article in GQ magazine for men on how to work out and get results with The Library during 15 mins of high intense exercise.


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    Vogue Japan Dec 2013-1.jpg
    VOGUE "World Beauty Secret"
    18 November, 2013

    Japan Vogue picking up on The Library style.


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    The saturday times2.jpg
    The rise of the luxury boutique gym
    18 November, 2013

    For most of us, gyms are not a sanctuary from modern living but a means to an end. We join them in the knowledge that we are likely to spend time queuing for machines or find ourselves crammed like sardines into Spinning studios, breathing in the aroma of sweaty bodies. However a new breed of private-member wellness gyms cropping up around the capital is challenging the perception of what it means to work out. Reaching far beyond actual exercise classes, the boutique emporiums offer and exclusive environment in which to sweat and sculpt.

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    Russian Squats
    18 November, 2013

    If you could do a little bit of exercise in exchange for a train ticket, would you? Passengers at the Vystavochnaya station, west of Moscow, are doing just that as part of a promo for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


    The idea is to get people active and amped for the games in February, and for 30 squats, passengers get a free ride on the subway, which costs around a buck.--​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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    Charli 3.jpeg
    Fit for Fashion at The Library
    12th September 2013

    People like Charli Cohen restore my faith in the fashion industry. Graduating as Womenswear Student of the Year from Kingston University, being touted as one of Britain’s hottest young designers and receiving multiple awards nominations for her high-fashion fitnesswear might make some young women diva-esque to say the least.

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    Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham: Back in ring after hardest fight of all
    28th September 2013

    After going public with his battle with depression, boxer Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham tells Andrew Threlfall why he believes he’s finally fighting back. - The Yorkshire Post

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    Channel 4 News- Editorial- 21st August.jpg
    Channel 4 News
    17th August 2014
    Can Eating Fatty Meat & Whole Milk Help you lose weight?
    Presenter for Channel 4 interviewed Zana Morris whilst carrying out the 15 minute HIT training.
    Zana Morris comments on how eating fat will help you to lose fat, clients can lose 7 and a half pounds of fat in a 12 day programme 

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